Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia

Nutopia for Netflix

24th September 2021

Editor: Franco Bogino


Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia tells the dramatic true story of two leaders at the heart of Sicily’s anti-mafia crusade: journalist and TV host Pino Maniaci, who spent more than two decades fighting organized crime on his local TV station, and Court of Palermo Judge Silvana Saguto, Italy’s most powerful anti-mafia judge, both accused of committing the very crimes they’ve battled against.  Their paths crossed in 2013 when Maniaci’s investigations into corruption in the judiciary led him to accuse Saguto and others of stealing money seized from mafia-related businesses. Saguto responded by claiming that Maniaci was a mafia mouthpiece trying to tarnish her reputation.

Franco Bogino worked on the docuseries, with access to Maniaci and Saguto, their families and legal teams, alongside access to Sicily’s criminal courts and the use of unseen archive, following both trials to determine the truth and concludes with the verdicts in both cases.

Stream the riveting story on Netflix from 24th September.