World’s Greatest Shipwrecks: History Beneath the Waves

MSPTV for More 4 and Nat Geo

26th April at 9pm

Editors: Richard Lester and Simon Warner

World's Greatest Shipwrecks: History Beneath the Waves

Produced by MSP TV for National Geographic, Ocean Wrecks Investigations / World’s Greatest Wrecks is a ten-part series delving into the stories of some of the world’s most dangerous and famous shipwrecks with ground-breaking CGI reconstructions and cutting edge maritime archaeology.

Satusfaction’s Simon Warner and Rich Lester both worked on the project.

Richard worked on Episode 10: Collisions at Sea which investigated history’s most lethal collisions, from the HMS Curacoa sliced in half by the Queen Mary – to a schooner boat that sunk the mighty SS Oregon. Phil Craig, creative director at MSP said ‘It was a true pleasure having Richard edit on our latest series. Despite all of the many problems of working in lockdown he produced some absolutely 1st class work for MSP. He’s got a natural sense of style, pace and emotion and everything he touched looked like it cost a lot more to make than it actually did! We’d welcome him back anytime.’

Simon edited 2 episodes – Episode 3: Danger Ahead and Episode 8: Toxic Wrecks and even Edit Produced across a third. Creative director Phil went on to say that ‘During his time at MSP, Simon distinguished himself in many ways.  His work was fast, intelligent and full of flair.  He took charge of complicated edits, sometimes with the most minimal of supervision, and he turned difficult half-baked assemblies into truly impressive finished films in a remarkably short space of time. He was unfailingly positive and collegiate despite the many pressures of remote working, and the ticking clock of a very tight schedule. It’s no exaggeration to say that he will be the first person we hire when we get another series.’

The first episode will air Monday 26th April at 9pm on More4. Watch it and discover the secrets of these historical shipwrecks!