A Farm Through Time

Daisybeck Studios for Channel 5

Editors: Will Adams and Jonnie Case

Pop on your cord trousers and wool sweaters and enjoy A Farm Through Time a new three-part weekly series on Channel 5 that explores how farming practices have evolved through the ages.

Jonnie Case edited tonight’s episode where farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson go back to the time of the Second World War.  Along with historian Ruth Goodman, they visit the living history farm at Tatton Park. They discover how Nazi Germany attempted to starve Britain by sinking merchant ships, which supplied 80 per cent of our fruit and 50 per cent of all meat. The brothers roll up their sleeves to try everything from sheep shearing and ploughing to log-sawing and planting potatoes.

Will Adams edited Episode 3 which focuses on the Iron Age, it sounds like he got some great tips whilst working on the show and commented  “Working on Iron Age with Daisybeck was a pleasure. A nice break from the modern life to enjoy the basics of farming in yesteryear – I actually learned some stuff and my allotment is now going great guns!” 

The series starts Thursday 18th August 9pm on Channel 5