Al Murray: Why Do the Brits Win Every War?

Avalon for Sky History

20th October 2021 at 9pm

Editor: Aidan Sansom

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New 6-part series produced by Avalon UK for Sky History in which Al Murray delves into British history, specifically whether the British psyche is helped or hindered by their experiences in war. In each episode Al will focus on Britain’s relations with one of their famous one-time ally or adversary and will be joined by a celebrity or comedian from the chosen country to find out how our neighbours feel about the way we constantly reminisce about the glory days.

Aidan Sansom worked on episode 1 in which Al is joined by Fred Siriex to look at the Napoleonic Wars, and episode 5 exploring the Viking invasion with John Thompson. He commented: ‘It’s a fun, entertaining series, mixing myth-busting history with light-hearted comedy moments. Al Murray is a treat to edit, thoughtful and witty, and has a great rapport with his famous guests. I had a wonderful producer, Sallie Clement, who made sure to bring out the best in the show.’

About turn and quick march down memory lane with the first episode at 9pm on Sky History TONIGHT!