Buying London

Naked Entertainment for Netflix

Executive Producer: Paul Broadbent.

Editors: Gruff Lovgreen and Simon Holmes

Premiere’s 22nd May 2024

Buying London/Netflix

Billed as Britain’s own version of Netflix’s hit show Selling Sunset, Buying London is a Netflix series following estate agent boss Daniel Daggers and his uber-competitive team.

Enter the world of opulent real estate where the series delves into the inner workings of one of the city’s premier luxury estate agencies. Join Daniel Daggers, the formidable leader of DDRE Global, and his driven team as they navigate the competitive landscape, striving to broker deals for London’s most extravagant properties. The series transports viewers from the affluent streets of Mayfair to the prestigious pockets of Holland Park in West London.

We caught up with Gruff who edited across several episodes, he told us we can expect lots of drama in the series and it will definitely satisfy fans of shows like Selling Sunset. We look forward to watching this one!

Buying London Premiere’s 22nd May 2024