Simon Holmes

Editor Profile

Having journeyed through post-production in both the UK and The Middle East over the past 15 years Simon has been there and got the t-shirt! He’s spilt the tea, burnt the toast and sweated over countless keyboards whilst managing to retain the same level of passion and commitment as the day he started!

Simon has a strong background in UK and American broadcast television from Deal or No Deal to Gold Rush. He has cut a variety of shows over different formats and is as happy taking the lead in the stitch, as he is getting stuck into the nuts and bolts of story cutting, citing the ever-evolving techniques of storytelling as a constant inspiration.

Simon works well under pressure delivering high standards under tight deadlines, is happy working alone or with clients and lives by the mantra that an unhappy edit suite is an unproductive one, making sure the edit is a communicative, relaxed and fun place to be.

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