Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams

South Shore for BBC One

Editor: Charlie Webb

Exec Producer: Naomi Templeton

Tues 5th July 9pm BBC One

Freddie Flintoff is going back to his hometown of Preston to start a cricket team for underprivileged children in the area. His goal is simple: to prove that anyone can find camaraderie, confidence and success playing the sport he loves. Freddie is setting out to change their lives and the future of the game he so adores.

Charlie Webb edited this new series and commented: “it was a really fun and heart warming series to work on. It was great to tell the boys stories and show their journeys and progression. There’s funny moments and sad moments, so great to cut a range of emotions on top of some stylised fast pace cricket sequences.”

Start rooting for them Tues 5th July 8pm BBC One