Kate & The King: A Special Relationship

Mentorn for Channel 5

Senior Producer Director:  Stuart Strickson

Editors: Hass Azzoug and Kel McKeown

Saturday 6th April

The nation has been deeply touched by the recent devastating news of King Charles’s and the Princess of Wales’s health struggles. However, amidst this concern, theirs is the blossoming relationship between Charles and Kate. This documentary celebrates the special bond that has grown between the royal pair, from their shared passions to their courageous battle against cancer. In this program, those with intimate knowledge of the palace and its workings unveil the private and personal tale of the remarkable bond between the King and his ‘beloved daughter-in-law’.

Editor Hass Azzoug who worked on the documentary said “Wow! What a tight deadline on “Kate & The King” that was a speed of light turnaround. The workflow was efficient and well-organized, thanks to SP Stuart Strickson. We began working on Saturday and successfully sent the film for online and dubbing by Wednesday night. It was a challenging project that required hard work, but it also brought a sense of excitement. The work hours were manageable until the final day when we faced constant changes from the archive finance, lawyers, executives, and commissioner… That day, we worked a solid 14 hours to meet the deadline. It was an experience and a half“.

Kel McKeown who worked on this one and who also recently cut the fast turnaround Channel 5 Wonka documentary expressed “This was a real buzz working on something with such a quick turnaround again – very similar to the Wonka documentary and a lot of the same people on the team. The team of people was great and we worked really well together to get it over the line in such a short amount of time. I also learnt more about working with archive specifically how to keep costs down and keep the lawyers happy! Also cancer is something that has really affected my life having lost loved ones so that was the main level I connected to it on – not being the biggest royal expert (although I am a bit more educated on that now too!)”.

Kate and The King: A Special Relationship airs this Saturday 6th April on Channel 5.