Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir

Drum Studios for Sky Arts

Wednesday 19th April

Exec Producers: Danny Carvalho & Sadia Butt

Editors: Joe Swanson, Brian Campbell, Mohsin Bhatti and Jonnie Case

New Series Alert!

Painting Birds is a delightful new comedic, ornithological series.  Before his comedy days Jim Moir was an artist and he has now returned to his life long passion. Jim and his wife Nancy explore some of Britain’s best beauty spots, joined along the way by a few famous friends every week. Their challenge is to create an original piece of bird art celebrating the unique species native to that region over the course of a weekend.

The series had a herd of Faction editors who all had a great time working with Drum Studios on the show.

Mohsin Bhatti who edited Episode 1 said “’Jim and Nancy were a joy to edit because they have such a laugh along the way – looking forward to working on Series 2!”.

Joe Swanson did the stunning Scotland episode and discussed, “I loved working on it. One of the nicest jobs I’ve ever done. Beautifully shot, lovely team and all from the comfort of my home suite!”.

Brian Campbell shared his experience and explained: “I now know what a Chough is, where to spot them, and how to paint them, (I haven’t seen any since making the programme though). It was quite a relaxed edit, watching someone paint. At the end of the episode when Jim took his finished Chough to the gallery owner selling his work – she loved it – which was a very similar reaction from the Exec on the series when she viewed our episode. I’d like to say she was well-chuffed, but there were far too many Chough gags in the show already! A good series, working with nice people, and birds.

The series gets The Critics Choice in the Times and starts on Wednesday 19th April.  Check it out on Sky Arts / NOW at 9pm.