Royal Bastards: Rise of the Tudors – Episode 2

Produced by 72 Films for Sky History

Monday 29th November at 9pm

Editor: Nick Follows

Royal Bastards: Rise of the Tudors | Sky HISTORY TV Channel

Set during one of the most turbulent periods in medieval Britain, this 3-part docudrama series tells the story of the Wars of the Roses, charting the origins of the Tudor dynasty through a unique lens – the women who shaped the course of English history, specifically Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother to England’s first Tudor monarch.

Nick Follows cut episode 2 which traverses the second period of the Wars of the Roses (roughly 1468-1471) concluding with Edward IV once again safe on the throne – while Margaret Beaufort’s son, Henry Tudor, is driven into exile. Nick really enjoyed melding the drama and documentary styles to tell the story of England’s greatest dynasty.

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