Nick Follows

Editor Profile

Nick is a superbly well established and accomplished editor having worked in the industry for numerous years. He has a brilliant track record in documentary having worked on various award winning films for the highly regarded strands ‘Cutting Edge’ and ‘Storyville’. He also has a background in drama-documentary and drama including work for Kudos, amongst others.

He has built up a great client base who have enjoyed a long relationship with him – not only is he a highly talented editor but he is also great to work with – technically confident, fast and imaginative. Clients have praised him for his support in the edit, he clicks well with people and has a great sense of humour which is invaluable in what can often be a stressful environment where tight deadlines must be met!

For a full CV, availability and any further information on Nick Follows, please call or on 020 7287 9839 or .

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