Secrets of the Zoo: North Carolina

Double Act for Nat Geo Wild and Disney +

Series Editor: Charlie Webb

31st Oct on Nat Geo Wild

The team here are really looking forward to this one!

World’s Biggest Zoo takes us to North Carolina which is home to the largest zoo in the world. The zoo is spread out over an enormous 2,600 acres, it has thousands of animals living within a diverse range of landscapes. The series gives a behind-the-scenes look at the work it takes to keep the zoo going, particularly in regard to the health and well-being of the animals.

Big congratulations to Charlie Webb, it was his first series editor role!

Charlie chatted to us about his experience on the series and said I really enjoyed working on the show and always enjoy working with the double act team and Alex Wood the Series Producer who was brilliant. It was a  big challenge being my first show as series editor but really pleased with the format and style we came up with. Each episode has a theme throughout which is all tied together at the end of the show, making it feel very filmic. The show has some great moments, both highs and lows, has beautiful photography and has been scored superbly by Matt De Luca at Figure and Groove. I’m really looking forward for people to see it on Nat Geo Wild and Disney +.

The first ep will be aired on 31st Oct on Nat Geo Wild.