Shut In’s Britain’s Fattest People: Series 3

Blink Films for Channel 4

Editor Nick Follows

Channel 4, Monday 18th Jan, 10pm

Shut-In’s: Britain’s Fattest People is back for a third series which consists of 2 x 1hr documentaries following Amy – also known as AJ who is only 23 years old but already weighs 41 stone with a BMI of over 90.

Amy can barely walk, is in constant pain and rarely leaves the house. When she does take a trip out, she is only too aware of the looks she attracts and also has to endure some vicious taunts.  Nick Follows edited part 2 of this series which shows the story of her treatment journey as she attempts to lose a third of her bodyweight.

Nick worked from home on the project for 13 weeks, remoting into Splice. He said it was all straight forward, Spice are all sorted technically, “it’s much like editing in a facility, except the coffee is better!”

Part One will be on Channel 4, 10pm Monday 18th January.