Tour De France Unchained


Released Date 8th June

Editors: Charlie Webb, Jayesh Lathia and Abraham Teweldebrhan  

Exec Producers: Paul Martin and James Gay-Rees
Box to Box for Netflix

Tour De France Unchained is a brand new high-adrenaline and highly-anticipated series, produced by Box to Box Films, the makers of F1: Drive to Survive. It follows eight teams at the 2022 Tour de France, with exclusive behind-the-scenes access. We will discover how the Tour de France represents the ultimate challenge for competing cyclists; with the athletes pushing themselves to their limits.

Charlie Webb who edited one episode of this new series said “ The show is a great insight into the world of professional cycling and the tour itself. One of the things the series does well is to show what the event means to France. The biggest challenge I faced was cutting different languages . Our episode was probably about 85% French so we had to use translators for a lot of it to help edit the interviews and scenes”.

Abraham Teweldebrhan who edited episode three also said a big challenge was the language barrier. The rushes hadn’t been translated so it was a case of working with a translator within the edit. He expressed that “It was interesting to edit with the French language as it flows differently to the English language so I was learning how to work with it”. He also said “ It was fun to edit the drama and create the story,  the team were happy with what was made”.

Jayesh said it was ‘A fantastic emotional rollercoaster series to work on! It was particularly interesting to refine the rivalry between teammates Mathieu Van Der Poel and Jasper Philipsen against the backdrop of another challenging stage of the tour.’

It looks like the series is going to be full of drama! Be prepared for crashes, sprints, tears and team cars in the way of the race! Tour De France Unchained will be streaming from 8th June 2023