Jack Brown

Jack is an ambitious and dedicated editor who is well organised, meticulous and with great story telling skills. He loves the editing process, and the satisfaction of seeing a project coming together. He works confidently on his own but also takes direction well, and is able to progress quickly to meet tight deadlines where required. He will also come up with great, original ideas, adding his personal touches to a project – with a particular flair for combining musical elements to compliment his edits.

His experience as Staff Editor originally at Remedy Productions has contributed to a strong and wide range of technical skills including online, audio mixing, green screen compositing, fixed rig and multicam. All of this makes him a great finishing editor as well as being brilliant with narrative and over his years of being freelance he has built up a loyal client base.

For a full CV, availability and any further information on Jack Brown, please call or on 020 7287 9839 or .

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