Gold Rush White Water: Series 7

Raw TV for Discovery

Editors: Mike Kerr – Ep 10

Simon Bennett – Ep 5

Simon MacKenzie – Ep 7

Premieres Friday 8th March on Discovery

Gold Rush White Water is back and this season is an emotional one! Building on the events of the previous series where Dustin Hurt bought his father Dakota’s mining equipment, the stakes are higher than ever. Dustin has streamlined his crew and has crafted a new plan for Nugget Creek.

Dustin bids a poignant farewell to his father Fred Hurt who sadly died in July 2023. Known affectionately as “Dakota Fred,” the iconic miner left a lasting impact on fans with his appearances on Gold Rush and subsequent shows, including the inception of White Water in 2018.

This series is filled with adrenaline-fueled mining adventures and poignant reflections on legacy and loss.

Simon Bennett who edited episode 5 said “it was so refreshing having 11 weeks for an episode so we could really get the best out of the material, find gold nuggets and have time to polish and craft it, and I was very proud to make such an important episode in white water gold rush history, RIP Fred”.

It was Simon Mackenzie‘s first time working on Gold Rush and cut a particularly complex but also exciting and entertaining episode, that had some key information as well as some great actuality scenes, e.g. a storm threatening to destroy the season and Dustin free climbing up the side of the cliff without a safety harness. “It will hopefully have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Gold Rush White Water Series 7 Premieres Friday 8th March on Discovery.