Tour de France: Unchained Series 2

Editors: Charlie Webb, Jayesh Lathia and Simon Holmes

Exec Producers: Paul Martin and James Gay-Rees

Box to Box for Netflix

11th June 2024

Tour de France: Unchained offers an in-depth look at the iconic race, following everyone from riders to team directors. This new season delves into the 21 stages of the 2023 Tour de France, highlighting the challenges of this globally renowned event, which is broadcast in 190 territories. Viewers will witness the behind-the-scenes drama amid scandals, strategic maneuvers, and the quest for glory. The series captures the intense battle for the yellow jersey, showcasing dramatic falls, historic breakaways, and the relentless drive to win.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes drama, Editor Charlie Webb said “ I had a great time working across the series and on episode 2. I would say this series has some of the best behind the scenes access I’ve ever worked on, really gripping stories and exciting races”.  He also said “I think it’s one of the best sport series box to box have ever done”.

Jayesh Lathia who worked on Series 1 as well as this series said “ Another season of Tour De France and this year the stakes were even higher! As always, weaving the emotional highs and lows of the riders remained central to the storytelling. My episode had a unique twist with a doping story that required careful balance in the edit to ensure that both sides of the controversial story were fairly portrayed.’

All episodes will debut on Netflix Tuesday 11th June.