Ben Luria

Editor Profile

With nearly 20 years in the cutting room, Ben is a creative, fast and skilful storyteller with an excellent sense of narrative and pace, as well as a keen eye for detail.

His experience spans a wide variety of programme formats and genres, from high end wildlife documentaries to multicam factual entertainment, for UK, US and VOD broadcasters alike. No matter the budget or scale, Ben takes pride in drawing the best out of the footage he works with, crafting impactful and compelling stories and using his natural flair for music and sound design to get the tone and rhythm spot on every time.

Considered a ‘safe pair of hands’, Ben is easy to work with and enjoys working collaboratively but can just as well take an idea and run with it independently and remotely, putting him at the top of his clients’ editor wish list.

For a full CV, availability and any further information on Ben Luria, please call or on 020 7287 9839 or .

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