Paul O’ Grady’s Favourite Fairy Tales. Edited by Connor Snedecor


Paul O’Grady travels to Germany and into the world of his fairy tale heroes – the Brothers Grimm. He discovers that there’s more to fairy tales than first meets the eye. Paul explores the landscapes, picture-book castles and chocolate-box villages that inspired his favourite stories; from the land of the Seven Dwarfs to the castle where a Rapunzel is said to have been held. Edited by Connor Snedecor and spot the cameo with Jen Sheridan!

Tues 20th Dec at 9pm ITV


Captive- the new true-crime documentary available on Netflix. Episode 5 edited by Paul Holland.


Season 1 consists of eight freestanding episodes about captives, each one set in a different country and centred on a specific hostage situation. Eyewitnesses re-tell the events of the episode and authentic broadcast footages is intercut with reconstruction witnesses they tell their stories linearly, breaking down the period of captivity day by day.

The season has an all-star team on board including Director and Producer Doug Liman ( The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow ). We are proud to say that Paul Holland edited Episode 5 – Chechnya.

“Captive” has been reviewed to have “ranks well above the typical cable-TV documentary. It is cinematic and slickly produced, with production value visible in nearly every frame and equally impressive from a journalistic standpoint”. We can’t wait to watch the series. Congratulation’s Paul!

Available on Netflix now.

Watch the trailer here.

#DeathPenaltyFail – One Is Too Many


Paul Holland recently edited #DeathPenaltyFail – One is Too Many for Sundog Pictures, directed by Bruce Goodison.

Meet Anthony ‘Ray’ Hinton, a man who spent 30 years on Alabama’s death row. Ray was innocent. #DeathPenaltyFail explores a very human story of loss, and unpicks the devastating impact that the death penalty can have. But Ray’s story is not entirely unique, we learn that there are many others who have suffered the consequences of this flawed system.  A total of 156 people have been exonerated from death row in the U.S. The question is:  How many innocent people have been executed?

Watch the short film here.

Congratulations Paul Holland and Sundog Pictures on this important film.

#DeathPenaltyFail a new campaign to promote the repeal of the death penalty across the US. The series of short films highlight America’s system of capital punishment. For more information on the campaign, please see

PROMAX UK Gold Award


Congratulations to MTG Creative and Flame Artist Lem Lawrence, for winning a PROMAX UK GOLD AWARD last Friday.

The Promo, for Danish Channel Viasat TV3 Sport, was graded and onlined by Lem and directed Andreas Eidhagen, it can be viewed here.

Dispatches: Britain’s Home-building Scandle.

Edited by Ella Newton-Unreported World investigates the reason why people are struggling to find a home and the reasons why too few houses are being built.


Monday 7th November @ 8pm on Channel 4

Children of the Snow Land

We are proud to say that Graham Taylor is editing this unique project. The film is being made to help the mountain people of Nepal. It tells the story of 3 children who were sent away by their families at age 4 for an education. Now aged 16, they’re returning home to see parents for the first time in 12 years. By raising awareness this film can improve the situation and reconnect more children with their families.

Directed/produced by Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson, Exec Producer Christopher Hird – this documentary tells an important story that needs to be told.

Watch the trailer -here-

The film will be funded by an Indiegogo campaign. To find out more please click -here- or contact Zara Balfour on


The Chameleon

Set in the early 1980s, fear grips a small American town when a cunning, manipulative sociopath emerges from the shadows. Targeting young females with his irresistible charm, The Chameleon carefully covers his tracks by masking his identity with multiple disguises, while the authorities race against the clock to save a survivor who has been his captive for 12 days. Watch the trailer -here-


October Films’ The Chameleon has now won 2 awards at Sydney Indie Film Festival for best Production Design and Best Film.  It has also won a bronze leaf at the Mexico Film Festival and Best feature Film at the British Independent Film Festival!

Our congratulations to October Films and To Paul Holland who edited the film.


George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Series 6


George Clarke travels the country looking for new and interesting spaces made in ways that are unique. He also sets about making his own designs.  From people making homes out of shipping containers, horseboxes and old buses, to those building tiny huts or incredible tree houses in the middle of the woods, this series celebrates the small space innovators.

Roy Williams and Belle Borgeaud both worked on this brilliant series, there are only two episodes left, if you missed any catch up on 4OD!

Catch the final next Thursday 3rd November on Channel 4.


Married at First Sight Series 2

Would you marry a stranger you first meet on your wedding day? A group of singletons put their trust in a panel of experts to help them find their perfect match. Can science help us fall in love?

Married at First Sight is back, with our editors, Belle Borgeaud, Miles Green and Alex Archer all working on the new series.

Check it out on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 9pm or you can catch series 1 on 4OD, click here!


Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016


The search is on for the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year with the first programme of the new series transmitted at 8pm on Tuesday, October 11.

The competition sees artists across the country compete to paint a winning landscape. This is the second series of the show, which is produced by London and Glasgow-based independent production company Storyvault Films. Last year’s LAOTY was the best-performing, non-scripted series of all time and second-biggest series ever for Sky Arts. The series is presented by Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell – a leading figure in the arts. The show not only highlights the tremendous artistic talent from every corner of Britain and Ireland, but also how the beautiful British countryside has inspired past and present generations of artists.

Congratulations to our editors Aidan Sansom, Trevor Smith, Dave Berezai and Becky Solomon who all worked on the series.



Broadcast Digital Award Nominations

Congratulations to the 2024 Shortlist! We are proud to see lots of familiar names and projects in the shortlist. Congratulations to the 2024 Shortlist! We are proud to see lots of familiar names and projects in the shortlist. – Lockerbie: Mindhouse Productions for Sky Documentaries & NOW… Read More


Director: Sam Collins Exec Producers: David Gardner, Kerstin Emhoff, Nicola Howson & Scott Melvin Ventureland, Studio 99 and Buzz16 for Amazon Prime Lead Editor: Graham Taylor This compelling documentary tells the remarkable story of Manchester United’s unprecedented triumph in 1999, when the team made football history by clinching the… Read More

Miriam Death of a Reality Star

Editor: Charlie Hawryliw Exec Producer: Colin Barr. Expectation for Channel 4 Monday 29th April on Channel 4 Miriam: Death of a Reality Star is a hard-hitting documentary about Miriam Rivera, recognised as the world’s first transgender reality TV star. The documentary series chronicles the Mexican model’s groundbreaking… Read More

BAFTA Television Craft Awards: Nominations 2024

Photo: BAFTA. We’re bursting with excitement and pride here at Satusfaction as some familiar faces have worked their magic on shows that are making waves in the 2024 BAFTA Craft nominations! Let’s dive right into the lineup: Celebrity Race Across the World ( Studio Lambert / BBC One) has… Read More