Elizabeth Windsor

Editor: Chris Scurfield

Director: Patrick Dickinson

Adhoc Films for Amazon Prime

Elizabeth Windsor tells the story of the girl who was never supposed to be Queen. Born the first daughter of ‘the spare’, the Duke of York, Princess Elizabeth’s life was destined to be nothing more than a bit part in the privileged shadows of the British Royal family. But with the sudden decision by her uncle, Edward VIII, to give up the throne for the woman he loved, so Elizabeth’s fate was clear. Elizabeth Windsor would become Queen Elizabeth II. With unparalleled access to the largest archive resource in the world, this documentary tells the story of her life for the first time through the lens of her intimate family relationships told by those who know her, who witnessed her decisions, and by those who have devoted their lives to understanding what Elizabeth thinks and feels.

Chris Scurfield who edited this feature documentary said  “It was a really lovely edit to work on with a great team. I’m not much of a royalist but I developed a new found respect for the Queen. Seeing footage of her as a little girl and watching her grow up and into adulthood, and all the trials and tribulations she’s been through, she’s quite an amazing character”.

Elizabeth Windsor, streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Cracking the Code

Blink Films for Sky HISTORY

Editor: Simon Warner

Monday 15th August 10pm.

The universe is full of coded secrets – in its flora and fauna, its solar systems, its medicine, its mathematics, its criminal behaviour, and its manufacturing. Man-made enigmas hiding top-secret information, ancient wisdom lost in indecipherable languages, mysteries from space brought to us in strange radio waves. Featuring the stories of the female codebreaker who helped win World War II, Einstein’s universe-defining equations, classical texts that held the secret of Ancient Greece’s origins, and messages from the Mafia. Cracking the Code reveals the greatest codes known to humanity and the brilliant minds that cracked them.

Simon Warner who edited the episode all about the Zimmerman telegram in WW1 explained a challenge that they came across “It was a tough challenge editing a programme with ww1 archive because the broadcaster didn’t want any black and white footage, we had to have everything colourised, but on a very tight budget”.

The UK premiere is part of Sky HISTORY’s Summer of Secrets and will start on Monday, 15th August at 10pm.

The Rap Game UK: Series 4

Naked Entertainment for BBC3

Editors: Ben Burgess, Chris Naggs and Gwyn Moxham

The Rap Game is back for a fourth series!

DJ Target and Krept & Konan return to Manchester to search for the next big rap star. Six aspiring rappers discover that winning this series will be tougher than ever, with a twist revealed that none of them expect. Their opening challenge sees some artists make a bigger impression than others.

Ben Burgess who edited episode 3 said “This time I found it easier, having done it last time. I was the only editor who’d done it before and so felt like an old hand. I really enjoyed working on it again. It’s good fun”.

Chris Naggs loved getting his teeth into the show and told us  “I’m looking forward to watching the series actually! Mostly I’ve been working on Episode 5, it’s been a fun mix of reality editing and music performances, plus loads of Boris effects! Everyone’s saying it’s the strongest line up of artists of any season so far, which I can’t really comment on as I’ve only watched one episode of a previous series up til now, but I’m sure it’s true. What I’ve seen of the clash in episode 2 is brilliant! Hopefully the rest of the viewing public enjoy it!”

Gwyn Moxham edited episode 4 and discussed “I really enjoyed cutting it, the artists were all great people and super talented, and I think it will be a fun episode. The series producer Trent (also my EP) was great to work with also”.

Watch series 4 of The Rap Game UK on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer 11th  August 9pm.

Secrets of the Spies

ITN Productions for ITV and Britbox

Editor: Chris Scurfield

Brand new docu-series brought to audiences by ITN productions for BritBox UK, Secrets of the Spies delves deep into a world of secrets and lies; from James Bond to Ian Fleming, Kim Philby to Sergei Skripal… the world of espionage is one of blurred lines where fact is often stranger than fiction; a world of murder, betrayal, romance and duty.

To explore this fascinating world, Secrets of the Spies will feature interviews with former spies and their family members, police officers, forensics experts, historians, authors and more to offer unique perspectives of this complex and enigmatic topic. 

Chris Scurfield edited episode 1 entitled ‘Deception’ which examines what kind of person becomes a spy, and the qualities the very best possess, assessing the methods, techniques and character of the most notorious spies in British history, in both fact and fiction. Those featured include Polish double agent Roman Czerniawski, who played a major role in the allied deception prior to the D-Day landings in Normandy, and the infamous Cambridge Five.

Watch the first episode Tuesday 9th August at 9pm on ITV. Trailer available here.

Football Dreams: The Academy

South Shore for Channel 4

Editor: Charlie Webb

This six part series will follow the unique relationships between the staff, players and their families at the South London based Crystal Palace F.C. Academy to reveal the work that goes in to developing the next generation of footballing talent. Filmed over twelve months, the series captures the hopes and dreams of the Academy squads, club coaches and staff who help the young players achieve their potential. Aged between eight to eighteen, these players are all striving to complete the life-changing journey from grassroots football to Premier League star.

The series was commissioned by Jonah Weston who said: “The Premier League is the richest football league in the world.  But getting there is an intense journey where few succeed. I’m excited to be able to share that journey with the Channel 4 audience, as we follow the hopes and dreams of the boys giving everything for their shot at the big time.”

Charlie Webb who edited the Parents episode said “I really enjoyed working on the series and the parents’ episode which had its challenges as we were following the kids and their parents, it was a challenge to interweave both their threads as we had double the characters but think we did it well and got to enjoy both their journeys”.

The series starts Thursday 11th August on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

Raw TV for Netflix

Director: Jamie Crawford   

Editor: Chris Duveen                       

Chris Duveen spent nearly 9 months working on this three part feature archive documentary which delves into the controversial Woodstock ’99 festival, an event so disastrous that it was labelled “the day the music died”.

The festival set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original 1969 event drew crowds upwards of 400,000. The scene at Griffiss Air Force Base would soon become marred by a string of disastrous events, from poor environmental conditions to crime, and ending in a fiery riot during a performance. The series features interviews from Woodstock creator Michael Lang, festival goers and journalists, who reveal how several contributing factors, including a lack of water and stifling temperatures, led to violence, vandalism and fires.

The Guardian describes the documentary as “A brisk and often horrifying watch, Trainwreck is effective at ramping up the tension and building a sense of dread and impending disaster. Each episode follows a day of the festival, from an optimistic start on Friday through to the apocalyptic scenes in the early hours of Monday morning, using a ticking clock to count down to each fresh catastrophe”

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 edited by Chris Duveen is streaming now on Netflix.

Grierson 2022: The British Documentary Awards

The shortlist has now been revealed. Nominations will be announced on 21st  September and we are excited to see lots of familiar projects in the shortlist!

The Missing Children, True Vision & Nevision  for ITV has been shortlisted in both the Televisual Best Current Affairs Documentary and the Best History Documentary category. Congratulations to Ella Newton who edited this feature length documentary about the scandal of Ireland’s Missing Children the  Tuam mother and baby home. Following relatives, survivors and adoptees to uncover the truth about what happened behind the closed doors of Ireland’s most notorious mother and baby home.

Gazza, Episode 1- Haviland Digital, Mark Stewart Productions, Western Edge Pictures & BBC is shortlisted in the Red Bull Studios Best Sports Documentary category. Graham Taylor said on cutting this documentary about the iconic footballer Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne. “ Taking on the life of an icon is always tough, and people will bring their own expectations to the story. But in the end you have to chose what story you want to tell, and what the life of your subject tells you about the world we live in. The resulting film is bold and subversive, yet warm and nostalgic, asks more questions than it answers and was a dream project for a documentary film editor.” Gazza is also shortlisted in the Netflix Best Documentary Series category. Gazza is currently available on iPlayer.

The Channel 4 Best Constructed Documentary Series see’s three familiar projects:

Celebrity Hunted, Shine TV  for Channel 4. Editors Simon Holmes and Steve Flatt worked on this entertaining series with edit support by Will Adams and Matthew Henley.

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star,  Wall to Wall Media for BBC. Tom Savage enjoyed editing one of the episodes from this glossy series seeing amazing transformations and stunning creations from aspiring artists competing to become Britain’s next make-up star.

Idris Elba’s Fight School- Workerbee & Green Door  for BBC. Abraham Teweldebrhan and Steven Struthers worked on this documentary series where Idris Elba, former kickboxer himself, will provide seven disadvantaged young people from across the UK with lessons in discipline, focus and determination by putting them through an experimental boxing school, in an attempt to give them the tools to change their fortunes.

Blair and Brown- The New Labour Revolution BBC Studios for BBC2 is nominated in the Netflix Best Documentary Series.   From the ashes of the 1983 election, two new MPs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown dare to dream of making Labour electable again. The series charts the rise and fall of New Labour, featuring interviews with Blair, Brown, Campbell, Mandelson and their close aides. Jen Hampson edited episode 1 of this archive documentary series.

Joe Lycett vs. the Oil Giant, Rumpus Media for Channel 4. Creda Wilson edited this single documentary where Joe Lycett takes on Shell, as he investigates whether the oil giant is as eco-friendly as its advertising makes it out to be. Available to watch on All4.

Congratulations to everyone involved on these projects!

The shortlisted docs will now go to the Grierson Trust panel of judges to decide on the four nominees and winners in each category. The nominees will be announced on 21 September. The Grierson Awards ceremony will take place on the evening of 10 November 2022 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London.  Good Luck everyone!

Kew Gardens: A Year in Bloom

Tues 19th July 8pm

Curve Media for Channel 5

Editor: Glenn Furmanski

In this 6-part documentary series, we go behind the scenes at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and its sister garden at Wakehurst to reveal more secrets and discover new wonders of this much-loved institution. Over a year, cameras witness the changing seasons and meet the teams who care for the plants, create the incredible displays, perform world-changing scientific research and have to deal with everything from catastrophic storms to more than two million visitors a year.

Editor Glenn Furmanski cut Episode 2 of the series is which is packed with stunning plants, uplifting characters and tons of specialist factual content!

Episode 1 Tuesday 19th July at 8pm on Channel 5.

James May – Our Man in Italy

Plum Pictures for Amazon Prime

Editors: Charlie Webb and Roy Williams

Friday 15th July

James May is hitting the road again for a new series of his travel show but this time, he’s off to Italy.

James travels across the country, starting with the Sicilian capital of Palermo and ending in the Dolomites. Exploring the culture, food, industry and sport, the series will take May to almost every region of Italy as he visits some of the most picturesque backdrops in the world.

Charlie Webb who cut one full episode and worked on a second episode really enjoyed it and said it was one of the most fun edits he’s done. “I really enjoyed how diverse the series was which allowed for a lot of creativity within the edit. From cutting sport to cooking sequences, to history and epic montages of Italy’s stunning landscapes knitted together by the dry humour of James May, what’s not to love”.

The series starts Friday 15th July on Amazon Prime

Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams

South Shore for BBC One

Editor: Charlie Webb

Exec Producer: Naomi Templeton

Tues 5th July 9pm BBC One

Freddie Flintoff is going back to his hometown of Preston to start a cricket team for underprivileged children in the area. His goal is simple: to prove that anyone can find camaraderie, confidence and success playing the sport he loves. Freddie is setting out to change their lives and the future of the game he so adores.

Charlie Webb edited this new series and commented: “it was a really fun and heart warming series to work on. It was great to tell the boys stories and show their journeys and progression. There’s funny moments and sad moments, so great to cut a range of emotions on top of some stylised fast pace cricket sequences.”

Start rooting for them Tues 5th July 8pm BBC One