On the Record

Lem Lawrence recently completed grading, graphics and online work for Sam Smith’s new Apple Music documentary On the Record’ for his upcoming album ‘The Thrill of it All’

Lem graded the 45min documentary on Flame at Halo Post, creating a rich, moody look, and also adding life and movement into black and white stills photography, with the use of parallax and lighting effects. The Director was James Barber.

The documentary will be available to download on Apple Music on the 3rd November.  In it Sam Smith reflects on the success of his debut album, “In The Lonely Hour,” and how it’s impacted his life, his work and not least the new album. The film also includes performances and interviews with Smith collaborators Timbaland, Poo Bear and cowriter Jimmy Napes.

Children of the Snow Land

Graham Taylor edited this unique project last year and Will Adams assisted on the film too.

Children of the Snow Land was made to help the mountain people of Nepal. It tells the story of 3 children who were sent away by their families at age 4 for an education. Now aged 16, they’re returning home to see parents for the first time in 12 years. By raising awareness this film can improve the situation and reconnect more children with their families.

Graham really enjoyed working on this film, he found it a truly original project that transformed over the edit. Originally, much of the footage was shot as research for a bigger budget production, but the material, filmed on go-pros by Nepalese children, had such a unique and authentic tone, coupled with dramatic events that took place during filming, that the producers and Graham decided they had to make this the core of the film. 

Over the next year and a half, with some more filming trips and 3 phases of editing, the team created a film unlike anything else.

Rooted in the go-pro footage, but with the benefit of storytelling experience of the production team, they created an epic story, yet on a personal, intimate, scale, that goes some way to depicting the difficult, moving and inspiring lives of the subjects. 

 This film will resonate with a lot of people, it’s a real voyage into self-discovery. 

 The film will have a huge impact on the lives of countless children who grow up at Snowland School without any idea of their homeland and cultural identity, and perhaps help them understand why their parents had to make the ultimate sacrifice, and hand over their children in the hope that their lives and those of future generations, would be better than their own.

Directed/produced by Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson, Exec Producer Christopher Hird

Children of the Snow Landis now complete and will enter into festivals. It will screen in Kathmandu in December at the Kathmandu International Film Festival (KIMFF)

Congratulations to Graham, Will and everyone involved!

Sounds Like Friday Night

Sounds Like Friday Night is a brand new music show broadcasting live from BBC Television Centre in White City. The show has been described as “Top of the Pops meets Saturday Night Live”, for its mix of live music and comedy. Each week, a celebrity host will join the main two presenters (Radio 1 DJ and presenter Greg James and Radio 1 Xtra’s Dotty) . Gavin Ames, who has the perfect experience in comedy and music for this project is one of the editors on the series which is produced by Fulwell 73.

Sounds Like Friday Night debuts on BBC One at 19:30 on Friday 27 October.

George Michael: Freedom

Sony Music
Editor and Initial Film Assembly: Gwyn Moxham

The late George Michael’s long awaited documentary is on Channel 4, Monday 16th October at 9pm, and on Showtime in the US a week later. It’s an intimate look into the extraordinary life and career of the award-winning singer and songwriter, in the years surrounding his second solo album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1″. Narrated by the star, it features never-seen personal footage and interviews with music legends including Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige and Liam Gallagher. Gwyn Moxham started compiling and restoring archive material for this mammoth project almost 3 years ago, even bringing David Fincher’s iconic video ‘Freedom ‘90’ back to life in glorious 4K. He spent a year editing the actual film, and can’t wait to finally see it on TV.

Channel 4 – Monday 16th October 9pm GMT
Showtime (US) – Monday 21st October 9PM ET/PT

Britain’s Next Top Model- Thumbs Up Productions

Lifetime brings back the new season of Britain’s Next Top Model. Would-be-models take on challenges every week to find out who will win the modelling contract and the chance of a lifetime in the final episode.  They meet experts and celebrities from the fashion industry. The winner normally receives a modelling contract, cosmetics campaign, and a spread within a fashion magazine which also includes appearing on the front cover.

The lovely Janet Shaw edited episode 7.  Here’s what she said about editing the show:

“Britain’s Next Top Model is a gem. There’s a great family vibe at Thumbs Up and I liked squirreling away on photoshoot montages and the likes under the watchful cardboard eyes of Elle, Abbey, Janice and the other Top Model beauties. Air-con blowing my hair as I edit. So glam. ? Good fun light hearted entertainment I’ve often enjoyed watching on the telly at home.”

The first episode of the series is aired on Thursday 19th Oct at 9pm.

Britain by Bike with Larry & George Lamb

Channel 5

Actor Larry Lamb and his presenter son George cycle through the Great British countryside, (Larry with the benefit of an electric bike) stopping along the way for a spot of tourism. In the first episode they explore Britain’s national parks from the saddle, beginning with the Yorkshire Dales.

Tom Deverell, who edited the second episode said It was great fun to work on – edit producer Sophie Hales was awesome and the footage was hilarious, Larry breezing up the dales on his electric bike whilst George struggled away!”

The series starts Friday 29th September.

The Grierson Awards 2017: Nominations Announced

The Grierson Trust has announced the final nominations for the 45th annual British Documentary Awards, known as The Griersons. Established in 1972, the Griersons are the biggest event in the UK documentary calendar.

No Place to Call Home: BBC2

Edited by Michael Harte– nominated for ‘Best Single Documentary’

50 years ago, the powerful Cathy Come Home shone a light on the desperate housing problems gripping Britain. Now in 2016, this country is once again at the mercy of a housing meltdown – a lack of affordable homes, sky-high rents, 70 per cent of council housing stock sold, a rise in homelessness. The housing officers in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham face daily queues of angry residents desperate for help. Filmed over nine months, this film shows us a whole new generation desperately looking in vain for a place to call home.


Last Days of Solitary: PBS Frontline & Mongoose Pictures, BBC4.

Edited by Graham Taylor– nominated for ‘Best Single Documentary-International’ and ‘Best Current Affairs Documentary’

In 2011, Bafta and Emmy-winning film-maker Dan Edge and his co-director Lauren Mucciolo were given unprecedented access to the solitary unit of Maine State Prison. They filmed there for more than three years. The result is an extraordinary and harrowing portrait of life in solitary – and a unique document of a radical and risky experiment to reform a prison.


The Drug Trial: Emergency at the Hospital: Raw TV, BBC2
Edited by Duncan Hill-nominated for ‘Best Science Documentary’

On Monday 13 March 2006, eight healthy young men took part in a clinical trial of an experimental drug known as TGN1412. The drug was intended to treat leukaemia and had already been successfully tested on monkeys but never on humans. Within an hour of receiving the drug, six of the volunteers were fighting for their lives.  A decade on, this drama documentary tells the story of what really happened during the trial, during the critical hours as medical staff fought to save the patients’ lives, and through the aftermath as the authorities sought to understand what had happened.

Congratulations to Michael, Graham and Duncan and to everyone else nominated! The awards ceremony will take place on the evening of Monday 6th November and the Satusfaction team will be there to celebrate!

The full list of nominations can be seen here.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

The spin-off series of The Island with Bear Grylls is back on our screens as part of a charity campaign for Stand Up to Cancer UK . Celebrity participants are left on a remote uninhabited Pacific island  for 4 weeks with only limited water, some basic tools and training.

Dan Wilkes  really enjoyed working on the series.

See the Stand up to Cancer website to donate http://www.channel4.com/programmes/stand-up-to-cancer

Channel 4, Tuesdays 9.15pm or see here to catch up on episodes.

News and Documentary Emmy Awards: Franco Bogino nominated!

Nominations for the 38th Annual News and Documentary Emmy® Awards have been announced by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). Congratulations to Franco Bogino for being nominated for Outstanding Editing: Documentary Category. Franco will be heading to the Time Warner Complex in New York for the ceremony!

Orphans of Ebola

Ben Steele’s Orphans of Ebola follows Abu, a 12-year-old boy from a Sierra Leone village, who loses eight members of his family and must restart his life elsewhere.

Filmed over a period of four months, beginning just after the height of theepidemic in December 2014 through the reopening of the country’s schools in April 2015, Abu’s story illustrates the incredible bravery of the thousands of children who have been orphaned by Ebola as they reconcile with the past and forge new lives. Orphans of Ebola was filmed, written and directed by Ben Steele; executive producers, Karen Edwards and Fiona Stourton. For HBO: senior producer, Nancy Abraham; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.

Congratulations to Franco on the nomination!

The list of nominees is also available on the National Television Academy’s website: www.emmyonline.tv




The Undateables- Series 7

Betty TV: Channel 4

The Undateables is back! Chris Duveen worked on this new Series.

People living with challenging conditions are often considered ‘undateable’ – this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love.

In the first episode we meet transport fanatic Jason from Shrewsbury, who is autistic and finds new people and situations stressful and Paralympic hopeful Souleyman who has been gradually losing his sight since birth. Both are looking for love.

Series 7 starting 9pm on 11th Sept

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FIFA Uncovered

Ventureland for Netflix Editor: Graham Taylor Streaming from 9th Nov In less than a month’s time, Qatar will become the first ever middle eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup. Qatar’s successful bid to host the World Cup has proven to be one of the most controversial moments… Read More

Grierson Trust 50th anniversary Doc Bucket List

To marks its 50th anniversary, The Grierson Trust has named the most influential and ground-breaking documentaries of the last five decades. Included on the list is Life, Love, Death in A Day edited by Nick Follows. Sue Bourne’s extraordinary documentary captured the joy and heartbreak of an ordinary… Read More

The Grierson Awards 2022

The Nominations for the 2022 Grierson awards have been announced! The Missing Children has been nominated in the ‘Best History Documentary’ category. Made by True Vision for ITV, this documentary explores the scandal of Ireland’s Missing Children from behind the closed doors of Irelands most notorious mother and… Read More