Paddington 24/7

Mondays at 9pm Channel 5

This new series goes behind the scenes at one of London’s busiest transport hubs, meeting the army of workers who keep Paddington station running. In the first episode we see staff cope with 20,000 football fans travelling to Cardiff for the Champions League Final, but customer service assistant Frank’s plans to deal with the return journeys are shaken by a major terrorist incident at London Bridge.

Tanya, Mohsin and Maria all worked on the series. Tanya edited Episode 2 which airs on Mon 18th September sees London brought to its knees after a pigeon struck an overhead wire!

Mohsin said “Working on episode 6 has been challenging but fruitful, with some great characters and stories. We follow a day of disruptions which is told through a number of control rooms and how one thing happening far from Paddington has a bigger impact on the whole network. It has been a pleasure working with the Series Producer, Tim Pritchard. First Channel 5 viewing next week so I hope it all goes to plan!”

Maria stated that “Footage is quite interesting, as there’s always stuff going one, either a big football match, a massive disruption day or even a terrorist threat, so doing it was amazing because you are always looking at interesting stuff happening in this station. The team is really good, hard working uber creative team”

See here for more details on the series.

Channel 5 9:00pm Mon 11 Sep
Channel 5 (+1) 10:00pm Mon 1
My5 2:30am Mon 11 Sep  


GP’s Behind Closed Doors: Knickerbockerglory

Wednesday’s 8pm

The fascinating observational documentary series that takes viewers into the private world of a local GP surgery moves to a new location for its fourth series—Farnham Road Surgery in Slough.

Connor Snedecor worked on both Episode 1 and Episode 8. Here’s what he had to say about his experience working on the show:

“Because it’s a rig show, GPs Behind Closed Doors wasn’t too challenging on a technical level; 90% of our decisions were editorial/dialogue questions. What to include and where to include it to get a good balance, tell the story of each consultation, and have some character and variety across everything. While I like more technical editing too, it’s satisfying to have a more purist set of questions in front of you – strictly the content and no artifice.

Knickerbockerglory’s a really forward-thinking and friendly place to work just generally, and the team behind GPs were some of the least stressed-out people I’ve ever worked with in TV, especially considering the challenge of putting together so many shows from so much material so fast! It’s a really well-oiled machine and even though my edit producer and I were both new to the show we went really smoothly up the learning curve.”

Episode 8 will be aired Wednesday 13th September 8-9pm Channel 5.

More info can be found here.

Lego Masters: Tuesday’s Child

Channel 4: Thursdays 8pm

Eight competing pairs of all ages will have their design, originality and construction skills put to the test in a battle to be crowned LEGO MASTERS.

The series is hosted by DJ and TV presenter Melvin Odoom. Each programme tests a wide array of disciplines from the playful to the technical to the unexpected and judging is led by Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design for the LEGO Group. Joining Matthew in each round will be an array of expert judges from the fields of engineering, art and design and guest celebrity LEGO fans including Richard Osman, Dara O’Briain  and Bill Bailey.

The wonderful Aidan Sansom edited the final Episode in which the three remaining teams take part in the ultimate Pure Imagination Challenge. They must each listen to a six-year old child’s story and then have three hours to bring their tales to life. The best two teams then go head-to-head in the Final Master Build where they have two weeks to realise a master creation measuring 2 x 2 metres and using up to 500,000 bricks each. The build will then be revealed to the general public at The Design Museum in Kensington, London and is judged by comedian and LEGO enthusiast Dara O’Briain.

Aidan said “I loved doing this show. It’s a great team of people I hope to work with again, and it’s been a welcome challenge crafting this thing into genuinely funny entertainment. Over the moon it’s rating so well”

The Final Episode will be shown on Thursday 14th September 8pm.

Other Episodes can be wathched here.


Dangerous Boarders: October Films for BBC2

Episode 1 edited by Charlie Hawryliw and Episode 3 edited by Jen Hampson.

70 years after partition, journalists Adnan Sarwar and Babita Sharma travel the still volatile border of Pakistan and India, discovering the lives of those who live there.

Episode 3, edited by Jen, is the third and final leg of their journey, journalists Adnan Sarwar and Babita Sharma travel along the northern part of the border which divides India and Pakistan. It is the most contested section of the border – and the most dangerous.

Episode 3: BBC2, 9PM Monday 28th Aug. Other episodes can be found here.



Millions dream of going into space, but how many of us have what it takes? Astronaut Chris Hadfield and his expert team will choose one winner from 12 exceptional applicants. The wonderful Steve Flatt edited Episode 4.

The series starts Sunday 20th Aug at 9pm.

Click here for more info.

The Grierson Trust Awards 2017


Congratulations to Michael Harte, he edited Raw’s “One Killer punch” and BBC2’s “No place to call Home” which are both shortlisted in the ‘Best Single Documentary-Domestic’ category.

One Killer Punch explores the phenomenon of a one-punch kill by examining three different assaults: single hits with dire consequences, but often in innocuous locations and circumstances.

No Place to Call Home shows the desperate housing problems gripping Britain. The country is once again at the mercy of a housing meltdown – a lack of affordable homes, a rise in homelessness. Filmed over nine months, this film shows a whole new generation desperately looking in vain for a place to call home.

Good luck to Michael Harte for being shortlisted and congratulations for all the other nominees.

Check out the 2017 shortlist here

Faking It: Tears of a Crime- Shearwater Media

Episode 1: 18th August. Discovery Channel

Documentary looking at how people who have shed crocodile tears to hide their guilt in criminal cases.

Kerry Daynes, who’s spent 20 years studying some of Britain’s most notorious psychopaths, body language analyst Cliff Lansley and linguistics specialist Professor Dawn Archer study frame-by-frame the TV appeals of four notorious fakers. Each time, viewers are guided to the tell-tale signs.

In addition to expert witnesses, the documentaries include interviews with police investigators, film-makers and journalists, and use extensive video evidence to show how some of Britain’s most notorious criminals used television to try to get away with it.

The brilliant Robyn Wright edited Eps 1, 2 and 3.

Tune in at 10pm on 18th Aug on The Discovery Channel

Eden: Paradise Lost

Starts Monday 7th August: Channel 4

Keo Films.

The outside world received its first dispatch last July, whereupon things quickly went awry on and off screen.  Eden’s social media accounts went silent and a year passed with no updates. 23 March this year, the survivors returned. What on earth happened?  Now Eden is back for five more episodes – the edited best and worst of the year-long filming. 23 contestants became 10 when the experiment on the private Ardnamurchan Estate in the western Highlands descended into a mess of bullying, misogyny and fistfights!

Tanya Trochoulias and Nick Follows worked on the series. Tune in tonight at 10pm.



Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds- Channel 4- CPL Productions

In the brand new two part series Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds, a team of scientists and gerontologists will bring together ten elderly care home residents and ten pre-schoolers for six weeks. The old and young volunteers will share daily activities designed by the experts who will measure and analyse the older groups’ physical and mental progress throughout. The wonderful  Belle Borgeaud  has been working very hard on the series andedited Episode One and helped finish Episode 2.

Series Producer and Director




Executive Producers




Episode 1 airs on Tuesday 1st Aug at 9pm.

See The Guardian’s review here

Inside the London Fire Brigade: ITV

This three part documentary series followed the brigade over the last year as they responded to a staggering range of emergencies.  It provides a unique insight into their work, with firefighters filming themselves on the dangerous front line using special fire cameras.  It is access on an unprecedented scale to incidents across the whole of London.

The first episode is edited by the brilliant  Ben Burgess. Firefighters talk for the very first time about the Grenfell fire and their experiences of that tragic night. In never heard before accounts of what happened inside the tower, firefighters describe how they feared it might collapse and the horror of what they saw.

Tuesday 25th July 10pm

If you miss it, you can watch it again on the ITV Hub.

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