Black Mirror

Lem Lawrence used Flame for the VFX work on the new Netflix series- Black Mirror. The Post was carried out at Technicolor and Lem worked on episode 6 – Black Museum.


Top Pics for Christmas and the New Year

Joanna and Jennifer: Absolutely Champers
21st Dec
Edited by Brian Campbell

Absolutely Champers will follow Saunders and Lumley on their visits to family-run vineyards and join seasonal workers as they get stuck in with this year’s grape harvest. They explore Northern France to find out what goes into a bottle of bubbly.



Amazing Spaces: Snow Special
31st Dec
Plum Pictures Channel 4
Edited by Roy Williams

George Clarke and Will Hardie are in Norway looking at small spaces designed to withstand heavy snow and gale-force winds. Some are even built out of snow and ice. They look at how Norway, has become a leader in architectural design. Buildings include a treehouse that can withstand nine tons of snowfall and gale force winds, and an ice hotel complete with 30 rooms, a bar and even a snow chapel. Plus, a moveable home that has kept members of its community safe for hundreds of years.



What Britain Bought
28th December
Sundog Pictures for Channel 4
Edited by
Mike Kerr


What Britain Bought in 2017 is an insightful look back at the roller coaster year we’ve just had and how national events have shaped the UK’s £7 billion a week shopping habit. Mary meets buyers, forecasters and influencers. Along the way Mary gets the inside track on some of the year’s most surprising trends that left even the most seasoned retailers scratching their heads.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Satusfaction Team!


Prince: Last Year of a Legend

2nd January
Channel 4
Lincoln Square Productions
Editor: Duncan Buchanan
Post-production Directors’ Cut

At the time of his sudden death at the age of 57 Prince was one of the most successful performers of all time selling more than 100 million records. This new documentary by Lincoln Square Productions looks at the last year of his life, following him from a secret gig at The White House to his first ever solo concerts. With access and contributions from CeeLo Green, George Clinton and Rev Al Sharpton, this hour-long documentary follows the musical and political passions of Prince’s life. The film also contains interviews from friend and political commentator Van Jones, singer Eryn Allen Kane and former girlfriend Andy Allo.

More info on the documentary can be found in Broadcast magazine .

Congratulations to Duncan Buchanan who was one of the lead editors on the project.

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Great Christmas Roast


Thursday 21st Dec 9PM.

Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan

As part of the editing team,  Abraham Teweldebrhan, worked his socks off to get this show ready in a very tight turnaround! The programme sees Gordon and Gino going head to head to lay on a spectacular festive banquet. The feast is for deserving members of the public and emergency services who have risked their lives in horrendous circumstances this year such as terror attacks and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The banquet is being held at Merchant Taylor’s Hall, near to Borough Market and Westminster Bridge – both locations for terror attacks in 2017.

First Dates Maître d’ Fred Sirieix and Comedian Stephen Merchant will also be on hand to get the results from the diners on the night and see whether Gordon or Gino’s menu and dishes have triumphed.

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Great Christmas Roast airs Thursday 21st December at 9pm on ITV.

The League of Gentlemen

Editor Jenny Sheridan
Christmas Specials 18th/19th/20th December 10pm

The League of Gentlemen is returning to BBC2 for three new episodes!

The pitch-black comedy finished on BBC2 in 2002 and was followed by a film in 2005, The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse. Now it’s back for three new episodes.  All four of The League of Gentlemen’s original creators – Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Jeremy Dyson, and Reece Shearsmith – will reunite for the new specials airing on 18th, 19th and 20th Dec.

Jenny Sheridan edited the three new episodes with the lovely Desiree Ivegbuna as her edit support and rough assembly editor. Jenny  said “The most challenging thing was actually when it was all over. Being a part of something that I’d grown up watching, loving and quoting was just incredible. I had to pinch myself on a daily basis. Then when we picture locked the final episode it felt like a historic moment, the end of an era really”

Congratulations Desiree and Jenny, we can’t wait to watch

More info can be found here.

See the trailer here.


Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets

Editor Tom Savage

Shine for BBC1

In this series, Mary Berry discovers the rich history of our nation’s greatest stately homes through the prism of food.  Revealing life both upstairs and downstairs, Mary will meet the present day custodians and their knowledgeable, dedicated staff as she visits the gardens, kitchens and private rooms.  Tom Savage edited tonight’s episode. He said “Everyone was lovely on it although frightfully well spoken, so even though I felt like I’d gatecrashed a party in the Home Counties I quite quickly found my inner Mary Berryness”

Wednesday’s at 8pm on BBC one.

Other episodes can be watched here

Digging for Britain

Editor Tom Deverell

‘East’ episode: Wednesday 29th Nov at 9pm


Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year’s most exciting archaeological finds from the east of Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves.

The biggest collection of Roman writing tablets in Britain are unearthed, giving insight into what Roman London was really like. Off the coast of Kent, the team dive into the English Channel to complete the biggest marine excavation since the Mary Rose – an 18th-century East India Company ship, packed with silver. Also in Kent, they are on the detective trail to find the very first evidence of Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain – an ancient fort scattered with human skulls and weapons.

Wednesday’s episode edited by Tom Deverell.

More episodes can be seen here.

On the Record: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon? Documentary

Editor Franco Bogino
Pulse Films for Apple Music
Director: John Dower

The documentary will be released on the 24th November on Apple Music to coincide with the release of the Who Built The Moon album. It includes footage from an intimate gig in York Hall, London to promote the album.

Franco Bogino edited the film and said “It was great fun to work on because Noel is a right joker, so the material was very funny. There was limited access so we had to make the little we had go far. The best thing about it was that I got on the guest list for the concert featured in the doc, and I got to meet Noel. It was very brief, the only thing he said to me was ‘Don’t f**k it up you c***’!”


Stalkers: Wild Pictures

Edited by Jennifer Hampson
10.45pm BBC1

Executive Producers: Tom Anstiss and Paul Hamann
Producer:  Laura McCutcheon
Filmed, Produced & Directed by: Katharine English
Editor: Jennifer Hampson
Narrated by: Julian Barratt

With access to a national charity, who are fighting to protect victims of stalking, this documentary reveals the failures in the criminal justice system which currently leaves many victims vulnerable to an attack. Filmed over 12 months ‘Stalkers’ follows 3 victims who are at high risk of harm. They face death threats and live in fear each are trying to bring a resolution to their ordeal.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

The new series gets underway this Sunday 19th November.

The reality show sees 12 celebrities live together in the Australian jungle for around three weeks with no luxuries. They have to endure daily Bush tucker trails and compete to be crowned king or queen of the jungle. The show is hosted by national treasures Ant and Dec. Celebrities this year include Stanley Johnson, Dennis Wise and Vanessa White.

Tim Fielding, Derek Simon and Janet Shaw  all editing the series.

Catch the first Episode at 9pm, Sunday ITV


Sunderland Til I Die: Series 3

Editor: Jake Lofdahl Exec Producers: Benjamin Turner & Leo Pearlman Fulwell 73 for Netflix Picture: Netflix Confirmed to be the final season with just three episodes, Sunderland Til I Die returns to Netflix on 13th February.  Jake Lofdahl was co-editor on Episode 1. The returning sports ob… Read More

The Traitors USA Series 2

Editor: James Sheldon Exec Producer: Sam Rees-Jones Studio Lambert for Peacock and BBC 12th Jan 2024 The Traitors USA Series 2: Peacock. Official Trailer This immensely popular show was a real viewings winner and is back for a second series. It’s hosted by Alan Cumming and the US cast… Read More

Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife

Nutopia for Netflix Premieres: 29th November Editor: Franco Bogino Director: Ben Steele This documentary series explores the rise and then dramatic downfall of the ‘superstar surgeon’ Paolo Macchiarini. In 2011, Macchiarini was heralded for revolutionizing transplant medicine with his groundbreaking alternative to organ donation , plastic windpipes that seemed… Read More

Robbie Williams

RSA Films for Netflix Exec Producer: Asif Kapadia & Dominic Crossley-Holland Dir. Joe Pearlman Editor: Jamie Williams Eps 1 & 2 Released 8th November Netflix are calling this this four-part documentary series raw, honest and real. This biopic docuseries looks at British pop superstar, Robbie Williams.  One of… Read More

Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story

North One for Disney+ 15th November 2023 Exec Producers: Neil Duncanson and Keanu Reeves Editors Matt Lowe, Jayesh Lathia Felix Black and Bahader Mattu This filmic four-part documentary series with Keanu Reeves uses interviews and archive to tell the incredible story of Ross Brawn who led a… Read More

Who Killed Jill Dando?

Empress Films for Netflix Director: Marcus Plowright Executive Producer: Emma Cooper Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan In 1999 BBC presenter Jill Dando was sadly shot dead outside her home in west London, her murder led to a high profile and complex investigation. A suspect, Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for… Read More

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind

Passion Pictures for Amazon Prime Exec Producer: Amy Foster Series Director: Jay Ahmed, Editor: Sarjit Bains Premieres 18th August This four part fly on the wall docuseries delves into the life of Amritpal Singh Dhillon, the self-made superstar known globally as AP Dhillon. He is known for his tracks… Read More